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The Maestro Dapp Platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that offers a powerful suite of Web3 APIs and developer tools. It supports both a capped and pay-as-you-go subscription plans.

Select an API package

After logging in, the subscription can be changed by navigating to the Settings menu on the top-right of the Platform Dashboard.

Subscription Plans

Maestro's different subscription plans are presented here

Price$0 / month$0.45 to $0.27 / 100k credits(Contact us)
DescriptionFree package with basic featuresPay-as-you-go with premium featuresPay-as-you-go with enterprise support
Credits1,00,000 credits / month2M to 300M credits / monthunlimited credits / month
Blockchain Indexer1 project, 1x throughput10 project, 10x throughputcustom project, custom throughput
Transaction Manager1 webhook, unlimited monitoring5 webhook, unlimited monitoringunlimited webhook, unlimited monitoring
Turbo Transactionnot includedincluded ⚡included ⚡
Managed Contractsnot includedincluded ⚡included ⚡
DeFi Market APInot includedincluded ⚡included ⚡
Wallet Managernot includedincluded ⚡included ⚡

An additional 10% discount is applied for any customers that opt for annual billing.

Volume-Discount Pricing

As a customer's usage grows, they unlock incrementally higher discounted rates by moving up volume-based pricing tiers. These discounts start at 4% and go all the way up to 40% for customers committing to the highest usage volumes each month.


For more details, see pricing page

Plan profiles

Plans for students and hobbyists

The Artist packages offer a capped credit amount per month. Once the monthly credit limit is reached the API service is paused until the next month. These plans are great for developers prototyping or sutdents building for themselves.

Plans for professionals and enterprise

The Conductor and Virtuoso packages offer a pay-as-you-go credit model. You are charged based on daily usage with no limits. These plans are great for professionals running a business where continous operation is required. The user gets billed a variable amount every month based on consumption.

Included package services

Each subscription package offers a different combination of services:


Please reach out to us for any feedback or support.