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You can sign up to the Maestro Dapp Platform here.

Create a Project

Once you're logged in to the Dashboard you can create multiple API projects. Each project generates an API key that authorizes your requests to the Platform. You are capped on the number of projects you can create, and a maximum number of projects you can create depends on your active subscription tier.

Select + New Project, assign a Project name and select a Cardano Network.

Copy the URL and API Key

All created projects are listed in the Projects table. To copy a project API key and URL click on the corresponding icons. The URL will correspond to the Cardano network associated with your project.

  • Project URL is the Maestro base URL that you should use for this Project, depending on which Cardano Network you selected for it.
  • Project API Key is used by the Maestro API to authorize all requests.

Each api-key corresponds to a Project and will only work for the Cardano Network configured for that Project.


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