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Maestro SDKs

Maestro strives to collaborate with developer communities in making Maestro SDKs available in a broad range of languages.

The completeness of these repositories is a continuous work in progress to which we invite you to contribute and help shape Maestro functionalities around language-specific needs and possibilities.

Maestro currently has SDKs in Haskell, Typescript, Go, Rust and Python. Here's a breakdown of the included APIs.

SDK Language Support

SDKBlockchain Indexer APITransaction Manager APIManaged Contract APIDeFi Market APIWallet Manager API

Community call for contributors

Our SDKs are in progress and require a lot of work to maintain and keep up with the fast growth of Maestro's services. We welcome any contributors to add any API integration or improvements.

SDKs are and will always be open-source. Together we can improve the Maestro developer experience and benefit from a striving ecosystem of tools and APIs.

Contribute now:

Language-specific integrations

Developers proficient in Haskell or Typescript should take a serious look at the Maestro Integrations!

  • Atlas is available for Haskell developers
  • Mesh and Lucid are available for Typescript developers

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