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Monitor a transaction

Maestro's Transaction Manager & Monitoring system enables you to track the entire lifecycle of all transactions submitted via the Maestro API. Each transaction state is tracked from pending in the mempool, to being accepted on-chain, rejected by a node, or rolledback by the network. Real-time state change notifications are available via webhooks created on the platform Transaction page.

  • The guide on this page illustrates communicating with the Cardano Network.


Supported transaction states:

  • Rejected: rejected by the block producer due to an invalid transaction
  • Pending: transaction successfully submitted and waiting in a mempool to be accepted on-chain
  • Failed: communication to the node has failed
  • Timedout: [coming soon] transaction is in the mempool but has exceeded its configured time-to-live
  • Onchain: transaction is part of a minted block
  • Rolledback: transaction has been removed from the chain due to a network rollback

Create a Webhook URL

Go to the Transactions page of your dashboard, scroll down to Transaction Events Listening, and click + Create webhook. Give your webhook a name and specify its URL.

Webhook Transaction Notifications

The webhook JSON payloads have the following schema:

"tx_hash": "84bc33c0336a91f1a42722da8e70b37…",
"state": "onchain",
"timestamp": "2023-01-06T06:37:23+00:00",
"block_number": 8115321,
"metadata": {...}

JSON payload details

  • tx_hash: transaction hash
  • state: current state of the transaction
  • timestamp: UTC timestamp of the transaction state change
  • block_number: block number that your transaction is in if has been accepted on-chain
  • metadata [COMING SOON]: more granular details about your transaction's state

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