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Welcome to the Maestro Documentation!

Maestro is the fastest way to build Web3 such as: DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, blockchain analytics, crypto wallets, and more. Maestro empowers developers and businesses with an advanced dapp platform bringing powerful APIs & developer tools to build and scale your dapp with ease.

Unleash your imagination, your dapp journey starts here.

Our Mission

Unlocking the vast potential of Web3 for everyone. Maestro’s cutting-edge platform abstracts away the complexity of the blockchain and streamlines dApp development. Maestro is on a mission to accelerate Web3 adoption, empower digital creators and fuel blockchain innovation.

The Complete Web3 Stack for UTxO Defi

Maestro is the 1st multi-chain data provider specialized for UTxO Defi for Bitcoin, Cardano & Dogecoin. Maestro's state-of-the-art UTxO indexer technology provides a battle-tested & high-performance data layer specifically optimized to cater to the needs & challenges faced by UTxO-based Defi protocols.

Maestro's robust and scalable UTxO indexing technology, makes it the infrastructure provider of choice for UTxO blockchains.

A high-performance & robust service provider:

  1. High Availability and Reliability: Maestro ensures over 99% uptime, delivering enterprise-grade reliability and security for uninterrupted service.
  2. Efficient Data Access: Simplified blockchain data integration with standard API protocols and developer tools for seamless development experiences.
  3. Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness: Flexible, usage-based pricing allows scalable solutions that grow with your demands, ensuring optimal performance.
  4. Support and SLAs: Maestro provides responsive customer support and clear service level agreements, ensuring reliable and timely assistance.

The Maestro Platform

This documentation will provide you with a comprehensive reference to the Maestro Dapp Platform. Maestro's powerful tools will help simplify your code, streamline your development and deploy your dApp faster.

The Maestro dApp Platform is composed of the following innovative technologies:

Leverage Maestro's best-in-class developer experience and bring your dapp to life!


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