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Version: v1.7.0


Welcome to the Maestro Documentation!

Maestro is the fastest way to build Web3 applications such as: DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, blockchain analytics platforms, crypto wallets, and more. Maestro empowers developers and businesses to build decentralized applications and harness the power of UTxOs to be a catalyst for blockchain growth and adoption.

Maestro offers a full suite of powerful APIs and advanced software tools that streamline the development of dApps on the Cardano blockchain and beyond.

Platform components

The Maestro dApp Platform is composed of the following innovative technologies:

  • A powerful Blockchain Indexer that retrieves real-time and historic Cardano blockchain data.
  • A versatile Transaction Manager that submits, tracks and notifies you a transaction's full life-cycle in real-time.
  • A supercharged Turbo Transaction that reliability propagates all your transactions across the network.
  • Plug-and-Play Managed Smart-Contracts APIs and whitelabel UI plugins.
  • High-fidelity Market Price Feeds democratizing access to valuable financial metrics.
  • A Developer-friendly Wallet Manager API to generate key pairs and addresses quickly and securely.
  • Dedicated Hosted Infrastructure services for customized performance, control, and security.


Head over to the Dapp Platform dashboard and get started for free!

Whether you're a blockchain beginner or a Cardano expert, this documentation will provide you with a comprehensive reference to the Maestro Dapp Platform and help you leverage powerful tools and services to bring your dapp to life!

As a blockchain infrastructure provider, Maestro guarantees:

  • Highly available storage and compute, +99% uptime, and enterprise-grade reliability and security.
  • Simplified and easy-to-access blockchain data using standard and well-known API protocols and developer tooling.
  • Flexible, usage-based pricing and scalability.

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