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Mesh Integration

Mesh is similar to Lucid as it is also based on JavaScript and is web friendly. Mesh is developed independently by its developer community. It stands out by providing higher-level abstractions for common use cases such as transaction asset bundles, minting/burning NFTs, staking and more. Its focus is on simplicity and ease of use with React frontends.

Maestro Data Provider

const MaestroProvider = new MaestroProvider({
network: 'Preprod',
apiKey: '<Your-API-Key>',
turboSubmit: false

Provider and JSON keys definition:

  • network: Define your network type: "Mainnet", "Preprod", "Preview".
  • apiKey: Maestro apiKey. Get a Free key here.
  • turboSubmit: Turn on Turbo Transaction submission, learn more here.
  • The MaestroProvider() constructor is interchangeable with previous Mesh providers. Try the difference in performance!
  • Try the interactive demo at with your own arguments.

Available Mesh functionalities

The Maestro provider in Mesh can act as a Fetcher, Submitter and Listener, supporting all Mesh functionalities:

Mesh code examples

Fetch Address Utxos

Fetch UTxOs at the provided address. Optionally, you can filter UTxOs containing a particular asset by providing asset (where it is the concatenation of policy ID and asset). See the full interactive demo here.

await MaestroProvider.fetchAddressUTxOs(

Mesh result

"input": {
"outputIndex": 0,
"txHash": "e92ab314324d6eb2aa23f4cc7e1bd6be23c54867de3f10c55052b274904b4cf4"
"output": {
"address": "addr_test1vpvx0sacufuypa2k4sngk7q40zc5c4npl337uusdh64kv0c7e4cxr",
"amount": [
"unit": "lovelace",
"quantity": "1159390"
"unit": "d9312da562da182b02322fd8acb536f37eb9d29fba7c49dc172555274d657368546f6b656e",
"quantity": "1"

On Transaction Confirmed

Allow to listen to a transaction confirmation. Upon confirmation, the callback will be called. See the full live demo here.

Example Mesh code (TypeScript)
const tx = new Transaction({ initiator: wallet });
tx.sendLovelace('addr_test1vpvx0sacufuypa2k4sngk7q40zc5c4npl337uusdh64kv0c7e4cxr', '5000000');

const unsignedTx = await;
const signedTx = await wallet.signTx(unsignedTx);
const txHash = await wallet.submitTx(signedTx);

MaestroProvider.onTxConfirmed(txHash, () => {
console.log('Transaction confirmed');

Getting Started

Run a local version of the demo! Experiment with the Maestro provider in MeshJS in minutes.

>_ Terminal
// Clone the MeshJS repository
git clone

// On the first time you may need to run
yarn install
yarn bootstrap
yarn run build:react

// Set your apiKeys in environment variables
// test with echo if necessary, e.g. echo $MAESTRO_API_KEY_PREPRPOD

// on one terminal, start the Mesh core
yarn run start:module
// on a separate terminal, start the Demo app
yarn run start:demo

Starter Templates for diverse Use Cases

At there are several TypeScript and Javascript repositories enabling:

  • A starter project with wallet integration
  • Mint/Sell tokens with multi-sig transactions
  • Stake pool delegation to a chosen pool
  • Sign In with Wallet
  • An ecommerce store
  • An NFT marketplace
  • plu-ts smart contract deployment

Mesh Resources