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Defi Market Feed API

Maestro's DeFi Market Feed API provides high-fidelity smart contract data feeds from top DeFi protocols in the Cardano ecosystem, enabling the exploration, visualization, and discovery of trends in both historical and real-time DeFi markets. The API democratizes access to DeFi data, facilitating various use-cases for developers, researchers, and traders. It not only abstracts away the complexity of accessing valuable smart contract data but also processes and aggregates contract data into dApp metrics and financial indicators, enabling advanced blockchain analytics. In the future, it will offer a graphical visualization interface for creating custom dashboards, ultimately helping users to build better dApps, find arbitrage opportunities, and discover new trends in DeFi.

Practical Use Cases

  • DeFi Analytics: Track and analyze liquidity, trading volumes and user activity from various DeFi protocols such as Minswap, and Genius Yield.
  • Smart Contract Analysis: Analyze the interactions and transactions of a specific smart contract, useful for monitoring the usage and activity of a dApp or for auditing a smart contract.
  • NFT Analytics: Analyze trends and data related to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), such as sales volumes, average prices, and popular collections.
  • Token Analytics: Analyze transactions and transfers of a specific token, such token transfers, holder distribution, and on-chain trading activity.
  • Wallet Tracking: Track and analyze the transactions of a specific Cardano address, useful for monitoring one's own transactions or for analyzing the activity of a specific address.

See here for more general information about Maestro's REST API standard.

Supported DeFi projects and data types

DEXCandlestick PriceTrade VolumeTVL/LiquidityTrade HistoryOpen OrdersToken Stats
Genius Yield

Data Accessibility

The DeFi Market Feed service enhances Data Accessibility in the following ways:

  1. Abstracts Complexity: The Cardano blockchain contains a vast amount of data that is publicly available but challenging to access and analyze due to its complex nature. Maestro's service abstracts away this complexity and provides easy access to valuable smart contract data. Users do not need to have deep technical knowledge on how to parse and process smart-contract data (script, datum, UTxOs, etc.).

  2. Democratizes Access: By providing a high-fidelity smart contract data feed, Maestro makes it easy for a wide range of users, whether they are developers, researchers, or traders, to access the DeFi data they need. This democratization of access helps fuel adoption and innovation in the ecosystem by enabling various use cases, such as building better dApps, finding arbitrage opportunities, and discovering new trends in DeFi.

  3. Provides Real-time and Historical Data: Maestro's DeFi Market Feed API provides access to both historical and real-time smart contract market data. This is crucial for conducting a comprehensive analysis, backtesting strategies, and making informed decisions based on the most current data.

  4. Facilitates Integration: The API format of Maestro’s DeFi Market Feed service facilitates integration into various applications, tools, or services. Developers can easily integrate the API into their dApps, trading bots, or analytics platforms to access the data they need programmatically.

Data Analysis

The DeFi Market Feed service provides superior Data Analysis in several ways:

  1. Processing and Aggregation: The raw blockchain data includes specific smart contract interactions happening on DEXes and Lending protocols, which can be challenging to analyze. Maestro's service processes and aggregates this raw contract data into more understandable dApp metrics and financial indicators. This transformation enables more advanced blockchain analytics and makes it easier to extract deep insights from Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem.

  2. Enables Advanced Blockchain Analytics: By processing and aggregating dApp metrics, Maestro's service enables users to conduct more advanced blockchain analytics. Researchers, traders, and developers can extract deep insights from the Cardano DeFi ecosystem, which is particularly valuable for making informed decisions, optimizing strategies, and identifying new opportunities.

Format definitions

Detailing the Maestro Market API response structures


The Get DEX OHLC endpoint will return OHLC (Open High Low Close) prices aggregated over the prices of individual trades for a particular time resolution and over a time range.

  • coin A price = coin A traded amount / coin B traded amount

  • coin B price = coin B traded amount / coin A traded amount


10 ADA (Coin A) < traded for > 5 GENS (Coin B)

Price in ADA of GENS = 10 / 5 => 2 ADA per 1 GENS

Price in GENS of ADA: 0.5 GENS per 1 ADA

Subscription level

This API is only included in subscriptions above the Artist tier.

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