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Lock assets

Lock assets into the vesting contract

Request Body required
    sender string required

    Sender's bech32 address

    beneficiary string required

    Beneficiary's bech32 address

    asset_policy_id string required

    Asset policy ID of the asset to be locked

    asset_token_name string required

    Asset policy token name of the asset to be locked

    total_vesting_quantity number required

    Total amount of the asset to be locked

    vesting_period_start number required

    Vesting period start in UNIX time (seconds)

    vesting_period_end number required

    Vesting period end in UNIX time (seconds)

    first_unlock_possible_after number required

    Valid initial unlock period start in UNIX time (seconds)

    total_installments number required

    Number of vesting installments used to collect vested assets


Unsigned transaction created successfully

    cbor_hex string
    tx_hash string