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Hosted Infrastructure Services

In addition to Maestro's API platform, dedicated hosted infrastructure services are available upon request. These solutions are best suited for businesses that prefer not to share infrastructure with other users. This can be due to security or scalability requirements that are not immediately met by Maestro's API platform.

Dedicated hosted infrastructure offer several benefits, particularly for businesses and organizations with specific needs for reliability, performance, control, and security.

Benefits of dedicated hosted infrastrcuture:

  1. Reliability and Uptime: Higher levels of uptime and reliability, since resources are not shared with other users, the risk of overloading or other users impacting your server's performance is minimized.

  2. Performance and Resources: 100% of server resources to yourself, which means there's no competition for CPU, RAM, or bandwidth. This can lead to better performance, especially for resource-intensive applications.

  3. Customization and Control: Greater customization to configure your server to meet your specific needs, and install custom software or applications.

  4. Security and Compliance: Greater control over the security protocols and measures. This can be particularly important for businesses handling sensitive data or those needing to comply with specific industry regulations.

  5. Expert Support: Higher level of support, including monitoring and on-call support to resolve issues quickly.

Infrastructure Services Categories:

Dogecoin Validator Services

Dogecoin node fully synced to the network.

Dogecoin NodeSynced full Dogecoin node

Dogecoin Read Services (Indexing)

Chain indexing services serving onchain data via different query interfaces.

Dogecoin OrdinalsOrdinal metaprotocol indexing service
Dogecoin DRC-20BRC-20 metaprotocol indexing service
Dogecoin DunesRunes metaprotocol indexing service

Dogecoin Write Services (Tx Submit)

Transaction submission services optimized for scale and reliability.

Dogecoin Submit APIBictoin Transaction Submit API service
Transaction PropagatorAccelerate transaction finality with Maestro’s transaction propagation system

Dogecoin Event Services

Onchain event notification services for event-driven software architecture.



Pricing Information

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