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List assets of a policy

Lists all assets which have existed under the specified policy ID with a short information summary for each

Path Parameters
    policy string required

    Hex encoded Policy ID

Query Parameters
    count any

    The max number of results per page

    cursor string

    Pagination cursor string, use the cursor included in a page of results to fetch the next page


List of assets paired with short information summary

    data object[] required

    Endpoint response data

  • Array [
  • asset_name string required

    Hex encoding of the asset name

    asset_name_ascii string required

    ASCII representation of the asset name

    asset_standards object required

    Asset information corresponding to popular standards

    cip25_metadata object nullable

    CIP-25 metadata for a specific asset

    cip68_metadata object nullable
    extra string nullable

    Custom user defined Plutus data CBOR bytes

    metadata object required

    Asset CIP-68 metadata

    purpose Cip68AssetType required

    Possible values: [reference_nft, user_nft, user_ft]

    version int64 required

    CIP-68 version

    fingerprint string required

    CIP-14 fingerprint of the asset

    total_supply string required

    Current amount of the asset minted

  • ]
  • last_updated object required

    Details of the most recent block processed by the indexer (aka chain tip); that is, the data returned is correct as of this block in time.

    block_hash string required

    Hex-encoded hash of the most recently processed block (aka chain tip)

    block_slot int64 required

    Absolute slot of the most recently processed block (aka chain tip)

    timestamp string required

    UTC timestamp of when the most recently processed block was minted

    next_cursor string nullable

    Pagination cursor