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Evaluate redeemers of a transaction

Executes the redeemers of a transaction in order to compute how many execution units are needed for each, without submitting the transaction to the chain and without requiring the transaction to be fully-valid.

Useful during transaction building to compute what budget should be used for each redeemer.

Note that all transaction inputs and reference inputs must be able to be resolved (we must be able to find the contents of that UTxO by finding the UTxO on-chain) in order to evaluate the transaction. If your transaction contains any inputs which may not be found on-chain at the time of evaluation, for example if you are transaction chaining, then you must pass in these inputs and their corresponding transaction output bytes as additional UTxOs.

Request Body required
    additional_utxos object[] nullable
  • Array [
  • index int64 required

    UTxO transaction index

    tx_hash string required

    UTxO transaction hash

    txout_cbor string required

    CBOR encoding of the UTxO

  • ]
  • cbor string required

    Transaction CBOR


Details of executed redeemers

  • Array [
  • ex_units object required

    Execution unit budget for executing a redeemer

    mem int64 required
    steps int64 required
    redeemer_index integer required

    Index for the redeemer tag (which input, policy, etc)

    redeemer_tag RedeemerTag required

    Possible values: [spend, mint, cert, wdrl]

    Redeemer tag

  • ]