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Welcome to the Maestro Dapp Platform Documentation!

Maestro's mission is to accelerate blockchain adoption and help bring to Cardano the next billion users. Maestro lowers the barrier to entry into Cardano by empowering developers to build decentralized applications and harness the power of UTxOs. Maestro’s roadmap is divided into three eras: Fund, Build & Scale.

Whether you're a blockchain beginner or a Cardano expert, this documentation will provide you with a comprehensive reference to the Maestro Dapp Platform and help you leverage powerful tools and services to bring your dapp to life!

As a blockchain infrastructure provider, Maestro guarantees:

  • Highly available storage and compute, +99% uptime, and enterprise-grade reliability and security.
  • Simplified and easy-to-access blockchain data using standard and well-known API protocols and developer tooling.
  • Flexible, usage-based pricing and scalability.

The Maestro dApp Platform is composed of the following innovative technologies:

  • A powerful Blockchain Indexer that retrieves real-time and historic Cardano blockchain data.
  • A versatile Transaction Manager that submits, tracks and notifies you a transaction's full life-cycle in real-time.
  • A supercharged Turbo Transaction that reliability propagates all your transactions across the network.

Head over to the Dapp Platform dashboard and get started for free!

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