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Version: v1.7.0

Datums by hashes

Returns the datums corresponding to the specified datum hashes, if the datums have been seen on-chain

Request Body array required
  • Array [
  • string

  • ]

Map of datum hashes to datum objects

    data object required

    Endpoint response data

    property name* Datum
    bytes string required

    Hex encoded datum CBOR bytes

    json object nullable

    JSON representation of the datum

    last_updated object required

    Details of the most recent block processed by the indexer (aka chain tip); that is, the data returned is correct as of this block in time.

    block_hash string required

    Hex-encoded hash of the most recently processed block (aka chain tip)

    block_slot int64 required

    Absolute slot of the most recently processed block (aka chain tip)

    timestamp string required

    UTC timestamp of when the most recently processed block was minted