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Version: v1.7.0

Dapp Platform Overview

The Maestro Dapp Platform is a blockchain SaaS platform that offers a powerful suite of highly available Web3 APIs and tools that empower Cardano developers to build and scale their applications with ease.

Maestro is your gateway into Cardano. It abstracts away the complexity that comes with a UTxO-based blockchain and streamlines development and integration with smart contracts. Start building for free

Blockchain Indexer

A Powerful Cardano Web3 API

Enterprise-grade, high performance & low latency Cardano blockchain indexer optimized for both liveliness and accuracy. Get access to the on-chain data you need when you need it and watch your app come to life in real-time.

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Transaction Manager

Real-time Transaction State Monitoring

Cardano's 1st transaction monitoring dashboard combined with a transaction state notification system. Never lose sight of a transaction again and instantly react to onchain events via webhooks.

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Turbo Transactions

Supercharged Transaction Submission

Get your transaction onchain more reliably when the network is under load. Accelerate transaction finality with Maestro’s transaction propagation system.

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Market Price API

High-fidelity DEX Prices

Retrieve accurate and high-frequency DeFi market data from top Cardano protocols, democratizing access to valuable financial metrics such as token price, trading volumes, and liquidity flows for developers, researchers, and traders.

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Managed Smart-Contracts

Plug-and-Play smart-contracts

Deploy and interact with smart contracts via intuitive APIs or add whitelabel UI plugins right into your website. Explore Maestro’s smart contract marketplace composed of 100% open-source contracts contributed by the community.

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Wallet Manager

Cardano wallet dev tooling

Tools for managing Cardano wallets. Developer-friendly API to generate key pairs and addresses quickly and securely.

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Hosted Infrastructure

Dedicated hosted infrastructure services

Dedicated hosted infrastructure offer several benefits, particularly for businesses and organizations with specific needs for reliability, performance, control, and security.

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